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Gap Year Training Library

The Gap Year Training Library is designed for public and private school counselors, educators and youth mentors who understand the potential of the gap year and want to develop a well-rounded knowledge of this increasingly popular path. The information in this course will empower you to recommend the gap year option to your students with confidence.

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In the The Gap Year Training Library you’ll learn:

  • The definition and benefits of a gap year
  • How to identify good gap year candidates and the profiles of gap year students
  • The types of gap year opportunities and examples of gap year itineraries
  • How to empower your students to plan their gap year without becoming the planner yourself
  • How taking a gap year dovetails with college planning (admissions, financial aid and deferring)
  • The finances of taking a gap year including resources for scholarships and financial aid
  • How to promote gap years in your student body

November 19th: Free Webinar!

If you are a school counselor, IEC, mentor or educator, chances are you see dozens (if not hundreds!) of students in the course of your work. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand who among them could benefit from a gap year after high school?

EnRoute Edu founder Julia Rogers will walk you through the six common profiles of gap year students. She’ll discuss why particular students are well-suited to gap time and what types of opportunities benefit these students the most. At the end of this 40 minute session, you’ll understand how to identify strong gap year candidates and what you can do to encourage them to consider a gap year.

When: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern Time

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November 21st: Free Parent Webinar!

Is a Gap Year Right for My Child? A Webinar for Parents

Thursday, November 21st, 8:00-9:00pm est

Register in advance for this free Zoom webinar here
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

In the media, in PTO meetings and in college admissions offices, there’s a lot of buzz about the “gap year” option. Studies show that intentional gap time increases student success in college, and surveys find gap year alumni self-identify as more mature, confident and civically-engaged. But is this pathway right for your child?

Join gap year expert Julia Rogers, Founder of EnRoute Consulting and Board Chair of the Gap Year Association, for a presentation that will cover the benefits, challenges and opportunities surrounding the gap year option.

Julia will clarify the definition of a gap year and cover common profiles of gap year students, like the high-achiever who feels academically burnt out and the experiential learner who desires meaning and value from their college experience. She will give an overview of the myriad of programs available, describe how to plan for college deferment and share strategies for how a gap year can fit into any family’s budget.