For Schools and Organizations

EnRoute is at the forefront of moving the Gap Year model into the mainstream. We provide education and support to schools and organizations across the country. Here are some common ways we assist those working to increase Gap Year participation in young people:

For Schools

School Presentations

EnRoute gives presentations across the country to students and parents interested in hearing more about the Gap Year. If you are a guidance counselor or group leader interested in a presentation about the Gap Year for a group of students or parents, please get in touch.

Guidance Counselor Training

The Gap Year momentum is building fast. We can work with individuals or groups of counselors to equip them with the background and tools they need to provide general Gap Year support to their students. These trainings can be provided in a one-time workshop or series depending on your district’s needs.

Dedicated Gap Year Counseling

EnRoute is able to contract with your school to provide support directly to your students who choose to take a Gap Year. We offer various packages that offer group or one-on-one guidance to supplement your existing guidance and career services.

For Gap Year Programs and Organizations

Dedicated Gap Year Counseling

EnRoute is able to contract with your organization to provide support directly to your students who require assistance in future planning. If your program only extends for part of a student’s Gap Year, we can help them build on the successes of your program for their remaining gap time. This is a huge value add for programs, since students often find themselves without a plan for the second half of their year following a structured fall program. EnRoute services include goal setting, life coaching, program matching and itinerary design.

Case Study: Outward Bound

EnRoute and Outward Bound teamed up for the Maine Leadership and Service Semester, which takes place in the fall. EnRoute Director Julia Rogers works remotely and in-person with each semester student to plan the second half of their gap time. Past participants have gone on to teach in Guatemala, volunteer with monks in Laos and intern in North Carolina. This partnership ensures that each Outward Bound student continues to maximize the potential of their Gap Year by participating in additional enriching experiences outside of the Outward Bound program.

All School and Organization services are bespoke based on your needs. Get in touch for more details and pricing.