February 2021 is Gap Year Exploration Month!

There is so much to discover this February! Gap Year Exploration Month is a shared initiative of students, educators, counselors, program providers, industry groups, experiential education experts, and alumni who want to help students explore the gap year option. Check out all the special events EnRoute Consulting is planning below, and learn more about other events and ways to participate at GapYearExplorationMonth.com!


Feb 2, 2021 at 3:30pm est


If you are a school counselor, IEC, mentor or educator, chances are you see dozens (if not hundreds!) of students in the course of your work. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand who among them could benefit from a gap year after high school?

Julia Rogers of EnRoute Consulting will walk you through the six common profiles of gap year students. She’ll discuss why particular students are well-suited to gap time and what types of opportunities benefit these students the most. At the end of this 60 minute session, you’ll understand how to identify strong gap year candidates and what you can do to encourage them to consider a gap year.




Feb 16, 2021 at 8:30pm est

Parents understand that meaningful gap time can give their child valuable life-experience, maturity and direction. But understanding how to make that decision and plan a gap year can be daunting.

Join me, Julia Rogers of EnRoute Consulting, for an enlightening webinar that will demystify the gap year option and give you tools for empowering your child to take an intentional year on.

We will discuss the opportunities students can participate in on a gap year and how much they cost. And critically for some parents, we will discuss how to bring a reluctant would-be gapper to the table to consider this pathway.

This webinar is free and intended for parents of high school and college-aged students.






Follow EnRoute’s Instagram page for exciting updates and contests all month long. Here are some things to look forward to:

* Julia will be hosting live q&as every Thursday in Februrary at 12:30pm est 

* We’ll be running contests and giveaways for counselors, students and parents.

* We will announce scholarships and giveaways from our friends and colleagues 

* There will probably be some cute animal pics as well. There usually are. 




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