Meet Julia Rogers

Julia Rogers founded EnRoute Consulting in 2008, inspired by the idea that more young Americans should engage in service work and travel as a way of learning about themselves and the world around them.

Now, fifteen years later, she is a leading international expert on the gap year option. Julia partners with educators, service-learning organizations, non-profits, government entities and families around the world to develop creative educational pathways that result in young adults being better prepared to succeed in life and work. She enthusiastically advocates for the popularization of the gap year through public talks, interviews, podcasting, consulting and exuberant cocktail party conversation.

The heart of her work, however, lies with her one-on-one work with individual students. Julia is a nationally accredited gap year coach who has had the honor of guiding hundreds of students and their parents through the gap year planning process.

Julia recently served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Gap Year Association, which promotes the responsible growth of the gap year option in America and chairs their Outreach Committee. In 2017, Julia was awarded the first-ever Gap Year Association award in Innovation for her work in the gap year industry.

Julia is a graduate of Hamilton College in New York. Julia and her family frequently embark on research trips to personally investigate gap year program locations. In 2022, Julia and her family spent a month in Bali to research programs. In addition to traveling, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, archery, cooking and public policy and advocacy work.

Originally from New Jersey, Julia has lived in the UK, Maine, Tennessee, Montana, Wyoming and Tanzania. She now resides in Vermont with her husband Tom and two young daughters, who are already planning their gap year adventures.

Julia Rogers EnRoute Consulting
GYA Accredited Counselor

Experience You Can Trust

Julia is fully accredited by the Gap Year Association, the Standards Development Organization for Gap Year Education in the United States, as recognized by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. That means that Julia has undergone a thorough vetting to ensure her services are of the highest quality and follow the best practices of the industry. 

Watch Julia's TEDx Talk

In 2019 Julia delivered a TEDx talk in Stowe, Vermont exploring how the gap year pathway can help eliviate the higher education completion crisis.

Check Out the Gap Year Radio Podcast!

Julia cohosts a podcast with friend and gap year program director Margo Brookfield. Together, they amplify stories of gap year alums, industry experts and other people who can help guide students toward the best gap year possible.

Gap Year Radio is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

More about Julia

Top 3 places I love to travel…

Cuba, Tanzania, Laos

A favorite experience is…

…experiencing a new culture through food, travel or people. 

I’m proud of…

…writing, preparing and delivering my TEDx Talk. It was such an incredible opportunity to crystalize my argument for the gap year option.

An amazing person I met…

A couple years ago I introduced Bernie Sanders at a rally in Vermont – it was kind of like opening for a rock star! 

Why I love my job…

It’s incredible to usher students through this transformative moment in their lives. My students have astonished me with their determination, sense of adventure, and desire to be a force of positive change in the world. 

A piece of advice…

Don’t worry about “discovering your passion” – follow your curiosity instead. 

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