As part of our continuing celebration of Pride Season, we recently had a conversation with traveler and author Jason Haas. We discussed considerations for LGBTQIA+ gap year travelers, including tips and resources to help you plan a successful trip.

Jason (he/they) is an accomplished traveler and thoughtful human who brings his wealth of personal experience and wisdom to this conversation. Take some time to watch the conversation below. Resources Jason recommends are below the video.

Jason's Top Travel Tips:

⭐️ Know before you go: Research social attitudes and LGBTQ+ communities in your host country

⭐️ Enter new countries and experiences with an open heart and mind.

⭐️ Engage the buddy system – travel with a partner or group to unfamiliar locations.

⭐️Respect local customs and cultures

⭐️ Don’t travel with your trauma. Explore new destinations with a fresh perspective.

⭐️ Ground yourself by calling home to a trusted family member, friend or ally.

The best way to find most up to date info on local LGBTQ centers is a quick search on the web or social media platforms: e.g. “Amsterdam” + “LGBT Center” or “Queer” or “Transgender”. 


Some places you can look to for additional information and support:

All Out

Fédération LGBTI+

CenterLink LGBT Community Center Member Directory


 All Out

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