As your gap year begins to wind down, it’s an excellent opportunity to focus on preparing for college. This will look a little different for every student, but, since you have worked with Julia you know that it should start with brainstorming a list! 

Here are some common ways students use the spring and summer to prepare for their transition to college life:

  • Athletes may begin a training regimen for their particular sport.
  • Students who know they will be taking math in college may take an online course or practice with workbooks to get back into practice.
  • Humanities students might get back into the habit of writing by journaling about their gap year experiences or turning their existing entries into essays.
  • All students can practice their organizational skills by keeping a calendar over the summer and managing a to-do list (even if the to-dos are fun, not work!)

Read on for some resources and tip to prepare for this exciting next stage of your life!


Julia Rogers EnRoute Consulting


Use the waning months of your gap year to get into strong organizational habits.

Many of you have already seen me recommend Beatrice aka The Bliss Bean’s videos on organization and productivity. Take a look at her channel and glean tips from her!

General Tips:

– Starting keeping a calendar (google cal, on your phone or paper)

– Block out time in your calendar for activities like summer job, exercise, social activities/special events etc.

– Experiment with how you like to organize to-dos (paper or digital) and check out apps like Todoist, TickTick and Evernote.


No doubt you’ve been learning amazing things this year, but if there are subjects that you want to brush up on before you start school, now’s a great time. I’d especially recommend math or comp sci brush-ups.

Coursera and edX are fantastic resources: you can sign up for free self-paced courses or live courses in thousands of subjects. For free! 


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