Gap Year Education Solutions for Busy Counselors, Educators and Administrators

At EnRoute, we’re pioneering the shift of the gap year model into the educational mainstream. Our mission is to empower students to embark on life-changing gap year experiences. We work hand-in-hand with schools and organizations nationwide to bring gap year opportunities to the forefront.

We are dedicated to reshaping the way young individuals perceive their journey from high school to the next chapter of their lives. Our pioneering approach is revolutionizing the gap year experience, making it an integral part of personal and academic growth. Recognizing that the transition from high school to college or the professional world can be challenging and uncertain, our educational offerings provide information that students and families can use to make informed decisions about their choices.

We offer an array of services and resources tailored to schools, educators, and organizations across the United States and abroad. Whether you’re a school counselor, educator or administrator, we’re your trusted partners in making gap year awareness accessible and impactful.



Gap Year Planning Workshop | 60-90 min

The journey towards a fulfilling gap year begins here, with our comprehensive Gap Year Planning Workshop. Led by accredited gap year consultant Julia Rogers, this workshop is the ideal choice for students who have made the exciting decision to embark on a gap year adventure.

Features of Gap Year Planning Workshop:

  • Options for Virtual or In-Person delivery
  • Overview of gap year information, including potential activities and programs
  • Group time spent with goal-setting sheet
  • Examples of gap year planning execution based on participants
  • Onward resources for continued planning

Suggested Honorarium: $150-$300

Gap Year Planning Workshop Series | Four 60 min Sessions

If your students are seeking a more in-depth planning experience, inquire about our four-part series, which unfolds over several weeks, providing students with ample time to fine-tune their plans, connect with peers, and further refine your gap year strategy.

Features of the Gap Year Planning Workshop Series:

  • Virtual delivery if outside of Vermont
  • Four sessions that cover the following topics:
  •  Introduction to Gap Year & Type of Opportunities
  • Budgeting/Financing
  • Planning Session with Individual Consults
  • Predeparture Preparation and Travel Planning

    Fee determined by number of students

    Julia Rogers has been a featured speaker at our High School’s Gap Year Fair for the past several years.  She is an engaging presenter who is able to make the information relevant to both parents and students.  What’s more, she is personally familiar with the Gap Year experience, and can relate to what our teenage students and their worried parents want and need to hear. Her presentations are filled with stories that are real and authentic, and that makes them particularly engaging.  I always come out impressed with the clarity of her presentations, and she always receives great feedback from our parents and students.”

    Lenny Libenzon, Ed.M.

    College Counselor, Brookline High School


    Learning More

    We understand that every student’s gap year aspirations are unique. That’s why our workshop is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re looking for a one-time session to kickstart your planning or prefer a multi-part series for a more in-depth exploration, our workshop adapts to your needs. Get in touch with Julia to design a workshop that fits your needs and budget.


    In an ever-evolving educational landscape, the gap year is no longer an alternative; it’s an essential educational choice. Julia Rogers, our seasoned expert, offers a versatile and insightful workshop tailored to a diverse array of professionals, including school counselors, independent educational consultants, professional associations, and school districts.

    EnRoute Consulting Hawaii School Counselor Visit

    What You’ll Learn

    As an educational professional, school counselor or IEC, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your students.

    In Julia’s one-hour virtual workshop, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to not only embrace the concept of gap years but to actively promote and integrate them into your educational framework.

    Julia brings fifteen years of gap year consulting experience into these dynamic and interesting workshops. Her expertise has brought her to speak at School Counselor Associations across the US. Julia is a curriculum designed and lead facilitator for the annual Gap Year Association’s Counselor Institute.

    Customization to Your Needs

    General Gap Year Information Session | Virtual | 1 hour

    Our Gap Year Workshop is flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your audience, whether you’re a school counselor looking to better serve your students, an independent educational consultant seeking to expand your expertise, a professional association eager to enhance your members’ knowledge, or a school district interested in broader educational opportunities.

    Invest in your professional development and the future of your students by joining Julia Rogers in this informative workshop that equips you with the tools to make gap years a transformative and enriching part of your educational offerings.

    Suggested Honorarium: $200-$300

    Topic-Specific Workshops

    This expanded offering description underscores the flexibility and adaptability of the workshop for different professional audiences and emphasizes the value of integrating gap years into educational practices. What do you and your colleagues need to learn? Consider these options for workshops:

    • Low-Cost Gap Year Opportunities 
    • Counseling Parents Through Gap Year Planning
    • Gap Year to College Strategies 
    • Assisting Underrepresented Students Access Gap Year Opportunities 



    Inviting Julia to your school is an opportunity to expand horizons. As a TEDx speaker, podcast host, and President Emeritus of the Gap Year Association, Julia’s presentations are not just informative; they are catalysts for change. By bringing Julia to your school, you’ll empower your students with fresh perspectives, prepare them for a life of purpose, drive, and global citizenship, and challenge the norms of traditional education.