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EnRoute Edu empowers you to recommend the gap year option to your students with confidence.


EnRoute Edu is an online course designed for public and private school counselors, educators, and youth mentors who want to gain access to an affordable training library for gap year planning.

Our course is accredited by Colorado State University, which unlocks your ability to earn CEUs and access professional development funds to participate.


Julia provides amazing value in this easy-to-use course! We purchased it for our whole guidance department to ensure our students were getting the best information about gap year planning! 

EnRoute EDU will help you learn:


  • The definiton and benefits of a gap year
  • How to identify what makes a good gap year candidate
  • The types of gap year opportunities and exampels of gap year itineraries
  • How to empower your students to plan their gap year without becoming the planner yourself
  • How taking a gap year dovetails with college planning (admissions, financial aid, and deferment)
  • The finances of taking a gap year including resources for scholarships and financial aid
  • How to promote gap years in your student body


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