After 12 years with my bright green compass logo, it’s time to usher in a change. Welcome to EnRoute’s new look, which you will see slowly making its way across all my platforms.
Of course a logo is not just a logo, and this one has particular meaning for me. Notice the infinity arrow, which represents life‘s ongoing journey. We are all in a continuous process of discovery, and ushering people into that mindset is what I aim to do with every family and educator I work with.
There is also a particular symbolism for me in the fact the arrow is not straight. Students often think of their path towards college as a straight line, and a gap year helps them discover that a meaningful detour can make all the difference in the long run.

Had to *really* get out of my own comfort zone to design a new logo and color palette. But I am thrilled… It is so different yet still reflects the core essence of EnRoute. Thank you to my designer for her patience through this process!