EnRoute Consulting is a firm dedicated to providing mentorship and logistical support for young people who take gap years before, during or after higher education/career.

We are not therapeutic consultants or a program for adjudicated youth. EnRoute Consulting is unable to accept students who we feel require services that are beyond our field of knowledge.

Our EEC includes:

  • You agree to the principles detailed in our Inclusion Statement
  • You agree to the communication policies outlined in our Policies Statement (also detailed below)
  • You are planning to engage in a traditional gap year experience/s, which can include travel, experiential programs, interning, independent activities and more. You are not looking for a therapeutic or residential treatment program as a gap experience.
  • You able be responsible for your own behavior.
  • You are able to manage your own self-care during your gap year.
  • You can adhere to any current or future regimen of prescription medication for the duration of the gap year.
  • You are not legally adjudicated or court-mandated to require regular in-field or on-program therapy.
  • You are able to comply with any future program’s policies related to health, safety and security.
  • You are able to communicate your limitations in being able to function effectively in living conditions, work environments and other situations that you may encounter on your gap time.

Communication Policies

In order to fully empower students on their gap time, we hold the following expectations during our advising relationship:

  • Students are considered the point person for general communications regarding their gap year. If a student is not able to reliably communicate with Julia directly, they may not be a good fit for our services. Parents are always included on correspondence, but we expect the student to do their own scheduling of appointments and one-on-one conversations with Julia.
  • Please disclose all medical history that is pertinent to our advising relationship as soon as possible. We will use this information to help make recommendations that are appropriate to your medical history. This disclosure is confidential. Failure to disclose relevant information could result in denial of admission to a program.
  • If a student misses a call or in-person meeting without prior notification, the allotted time scheduled will be deducted from the contact time retainer. Please make sure to set reminders for calls!
  • If a student refrains from responding to texts, emails or phone calls after reasonable attempts have been made, Julia will connect with parents to check in. If there is still no response, Julia will let their file go dormant until the family responds.

Confidentiality Statement:

As a student client, all information you share about yourself will be kept confidential. Only with your verbal or written permission will information be released to anyone beyond your parents and advisor except as required by law. Legal exceptions include the following:

  • Clear and imminent danger to you or someone else
  • If there is a reasonable expectation that you will engage in dangerous conduct
  • A court order