EnRoute has your back! Many students decide to defer their freshman year during the summer and feel rushed to make their plans. Here is how we can help you plan a great Gap Year, even if you take the plunge at the eleventh hour:

Goal Setting

One of the hardest parts about planning a Gap Year is knowing where to begin. How can so many possibilities make things harder?! EnRoute begins each consultation with setting personal goals to use as a compass when planning. Right from the get-go, we have intentions to work from.


EnRoute works from a database of pre-vetted opportunities so we can hit the ground running with every student. If you are ready to get an itinerary together quickly, we are ready to make it happen.

What do you hope to achieve on your Gap Year?

Knowing Good Opportunities vs. ‘Bad’ Opportunities

How do you know if the program you choose is a good one? If you are volunteering, how can you tell if they are doing worthwhile work in the host communities? If traveling, how do you know the organization has a good safety record? EnRoute has a strict vetting process in place – we strive to work with other organizations that share our values for a better world and our commitment to the safety of our students.

Tackling Budget Woes 

Small budget? No budget? EnRoute works with families of all stripes who come to us with different gap year allowances. We pride ourselves on being able to formulate meaningful, cost-effective itineraries for any budget.

Volunteer with ethical organizations that help you contribute your skills. 

Assuaging Parents

If you a parent of a Gap Year student with no plan of action, you are probably loosing some sleep. If you are a Gap Year student without a plan, your parents are probably asking every day how you will spend your time. Family tension often arises during the planning process, but EnRoute families report these tensions diminish once we start working with them. Once students have a partner in planning and parents feel progress is being made, the dinner table is happy once again!

Pre-Departure Preparation

The summer is spent working with students to prepare physically and mentally for the year ahead. Packing lists, recommended reads and discussions on their destinations make for a traveler excited to tackle their Gap Year.

What to pack? Ask us! 

Best Gap Year Ever! 

A Gap Year is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Previous gappers say their gap time shaped them into their adult selves. Don’t risk having a sub-par year if you are unsure how to organize a meaningful itinerary.

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