Resources for School Counselors

School counselors, teachers and educator play an incredibly important role in empowering young people to take gap time. Here are some tools to help you and your students take advantage of this opportunity:

For Counselors/Educators:

EnRoute Edu Gap Year Resource Library: A self-paced, online, professional development course designed with school counselors in mind. (Enroll here)

Gap Year Association: A national non-profit dedicated to providing information and resources to gap year students. Check out their list of college deferral policies and accredited program listing.

USA Gap Year Fairs: An annual gap year-focused fair circuit that travels coast-to-coast from January – March. Find a fair near you and promote it to your students!

Gap Year Exploration Month: An annual awareness holiday in February that encourages students to #explorethegapyear. Details for February 2020 can be found here. Check out last year’s counselor toolkit and start brainstorming ways to participate in 2020!

Julia Rogers’ TEDx Talk, “The higher education crisis – and how the gap year could help solve it”

For Your Students:

Gap Year Planning Guide produced by GYA and GapYearly 

Gap Year Radio A podcast featuring inspiring interviews with gap year alum and program providers (available on itunes and Stitcher)

EnRoute’s Youtube Playlist of Inspiring Gap Year videos