“Julia’s optimism and understanding of my son’s needs and wishes allowed him to believe that he could plan a wonderful year. Her familiarity with a variety of programs, and the fact that she is well-traveled herself, made her an excellent guide through the gap-year program world.” – Georgia Williamson, Parent

“I was somewhat hesitant to get behind her all of my daughter’s travels, but with Julia’s help she was able to find some very challenging and yet rewarding programs . She came home energized, confident and ready to take on whatever comes her way.” – Nat Thompson, Parent

“[Working with EnRoute] has been a great experience. Julia is terrific at communicating – not too much, not too little, and the program that she hooked our son up with has been fantastic. Also, she provided great advice and reassurance regarding the program in Asia that our son researched and selected himself.” – Hilary Besse, Parent

“We needed help vetting programs for gap year experiences for our daughter. Julia visits many of the sites and between her and her husband, they have first-hand experiences with the programs she recommends. [We appreciated] Julia’s genuine interest in our daughter’s challenges and targeted suggestions.” – Paul Stevens, Parent

“My son wanted to go to Africa and I was overwhelmed with how to go about making that happen. Julia was awesome!! For parents that would not know how to arrange for such a challenging experience for their kid, Julia is the perfect resource.” – Joan Offner, Parent

“My advice:
– Work with Julia.
– Plan ahead, especially if your child is anything like mine.
– Gap years are generally a great idea.” – Marty Himmelstein, Parent 



“I always felt very connected and engaged in my sessions with Julia…She always listened to my ideas, concerns, feelings, etc. and was very thoughtful in her responses and what she thought would be best for me. I think she is amazing at working with students and I think she was amazing at working with me. I felt that Julia was always extremely helpful and very good at communicating…I had tons of questions all the time and I could be quite indecisive and times and Julia was always so patient and helpful with me and I can’t thank her enough for the constant support and guidance that she gave me.” – Charlotte Sargent, Student

“At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my gap year, but whatever I suggested to Julia she would quickly give me as many options as possible that fit my description of what I wanted. As the sessions continued, Julia suggested programs that I had never considered and at first I was a bit unsure. I was pretty set on Europe, but as I investigated more, I found out that Julia’s suggestions sounded much more interesting than my ideas. I could not be more grateful for Julia’s ideas.” – Mica Thompson, Student

“Julia was an absolute pleasure to speak with and she did a phenomenal job of narrowing down my gap year interests within our first two discussions. She was very engaging and attentive and suggested programs that I had never before considered.” – Devon Kilburn, Student

“I doubt I would have ever found a program if I didn’t have an advisor…Julia helped me find a program that is based in-country, but still has amazing reviews from past volunteers. Having a consultant has been invaluable to me because I haven’t had the time or contacts to do all the research myself. She has checked the reputability of various programs, spoken with their directors, and heard the stories of previous volunteers. I am grateful for the subtle presence, nudging me to stay on task, give feedback on programs, and ultimately come up with a plan. The decision process is necessarily mine, but having Julia to bounce ideas with and address my fears has made me much more confident and excited for the coming year.” – Tor Anderson, Student

Building Memories

Julia gave me the support to feel safe and confident about my travels.

– Sara Davidow, Student

No Distance Is too Far

Have some place you’ve always wanted to go? Let’s make it happen!