I spent a truly incredible 12 days traveling in South Africa this November, visiting program partners and learning about this amazing country.

Atop Lion’s Head in Cape Town!

Here are some visual highlights of my trip:

Cheetahs taking a break after a big meal
Volunteers track wildlife on game drives, collecting data for research purposes
Biologists remove the horns of rhinos in many preserves to protect them from poaching.
A lush hillside is home to an experiential education semester for gappers.
These orphaned baby vervets are rehabilitated and eventually released into the wild in troupes. For now their job is to grow strong!
Very fortunate to visit with two of my students, Nora and Lucia, at the monkey sanctuary!
There are placements in South Africa that allow you to ride horses all day, every day. Sound good?
Volunteers teach surf lessons to City of Cape Town recreation students
Cape Town has endless opportunities for hiking, cycling and swimming. It’s an awesome spot for those who like to stay active!
Visiting a start up bootcamp as part of my tour of tech internships in Cape Town.
Penguin sanctuary = stinky but cute!
Resident penguins – most chicks are rehabbed and released but these guys are at the center permanently.
The waterfront in Cape Town is a pedestrian zone with great food, shopping and relaxed vibes!
Education volunteers can work with preschoolers in historically disadvantaged townships, where the scars of apartheid still loom large, yet the communities are very vibrant and resilient.
A volunteer beginning a lesson on every 4-year-old’s favorite subject: dinosaurs!