Pokhara, Nepal, October 2010

Trekking is a must-do for travelers to Nepal.  They run the gamut from easy strolls to technical mountaineering.  Most trekkers find themselves somewhere in the middle: looking for a challenging hike that promises epic views of the world’s highest mountain range.

Tom and I opted for a 9-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp.  This brought us through several climate zones and to an eventual hight of 14,000 ft. at base camp.

While the word “trekking” might sound exotic, Nepal has a fabulous trekking infrastructure that includes well-maintained trails and comfortable, clean tea houses to stay at every night.  After 4-6 hours a day of hiking, Tom and I relaxed in the common area of our lodge with our Nepali guide, Anup, playing cars and drinking tea.

Along the way, I met a couple of gap year students who were on a 5-day trek.  They were celebrating the culmination of a volunteer project in Kathmandu.  Martina and Andrew worked for an organization that aids street children marginalized by the recent Maoist conflict in Nepal.  You can read more about their experience on Martina’s blog.

I would highly recommend trekking to anyone traveling in Nepal.  Perhaps you think you are too old or not fit enough to hike, but we saw people of all ages and shapes trekking in the mountains and having blast.   All you need is a good set of trekking poles and a sense of adventure!