Tanahun, Nepal, October 2010

We left Pokhara after trekking one morning to visit the site of a volunteer project in the Tanahun district of Nepal.   The organization works in various capacities to help Nepali farmers cultivate their crops organically and sustainably.  We visited the program director, Ramesh at his training center in the gorgeous hills outside Damauli.

Ramesh’s organization recruits international volunteers to work the farm, learning organic permaculture alongside the Nepali staff.  As usual, the hospitality we were shown was incredible.  We were treated to a few delicious, organic meals that were almost completely comprised of food grown on the farm.  As part of our departure ceremony, Ramesh and his employees presented us withtikka – the ceremonial streak of powder on the forehead used for various special occasions – in this case presented as a gesture of appreciation of guests.